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Naxos is offered due to its morphology for many activities that suit every style and age.
Below we will try to show you most of these.


From Naxos you can easily, quickly and fun to travel to the nearby islands. Take advantage of the geographical location of Naxos and get to know the beauties of the Cyclades.


In Naxos the most widespread water sport is the windsurf, which has the beneficial wind that blows at the summer during the day with an average intensity of 5-7 beaufort. The lagoon of St. George creates the most ideal conditions for speed / slalom as well as the increasingly popular category of windsurf, freestyle (with many riders from Greece and abroad to choose it as a place for their preparation). Also the laguna, with its quiet and shallow waters, is one of the most friendly places in Greece to make its first steps in the windsurf world. On the beaches of Agios Georgios, Plaka and Mikri Vigla are organized sports centers with modern equipment for those who want to learn the secrets of sports as well as find what they need.

Mikri Vigla is an international meeting place for windsurf enthusiasts as well as kitesurf.

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Water sport Naxos

Places that you can learn kitesurf,windsurf:


Horse riding is a special experience during your holiday.

You will be able to ride along the beaches of Naxos enjoying unique moments but also between paths that will bring you to the beauty of the island. Schools offer riding on the beaches of Naxos for riders of all levels, from beginners to experienced. For small children there is a pony to allow them to follow the biggest ones in this unique ride. Experience a unique experience by riding a horse (and guide) the beaches of the island, enjoying a walk below the full moon, experimenting by riding by the sea or discovering the untouched nature of Naxos.


The rich coastline of the island can only be a pole of attraction for divers. For those who are on an advanced level await exciting marine explorations in wrecks, caves and submerged airplanes. For beginners, diving schools of the island are a first-rate opportunity to discover the magic of the sea. The schools will meet them on the organized beaches that are staffed by modern means and experienced staff.


The paths of Naxos, which from ancient times until the end of the 1960s constituted the most basic system of access of the inhabitants from one settlement to another and from the settlements in the fields and the areas of their agricultural and livestock activities, have a total length of hundreds kilometers. Walkers have the opportunity to explore the network of cultural interest routes that are constantly enriched, to admire the natural beauty of the natural environment while at the same time to get in touch with the history and culture of the island as there is direct access to ancient monuments, medieval towers, traditional farmhouses, monasteries, churches and other important elements of the inhabitants’ life.

Hiking Naxos


Naxos, due to its large size and rich nature, providing great landscapes, ranging from seaside to mountainous, offers both mountain biking and road cycling. For the road cycling, there are ideal routes, while the natural scenery of the island and the unique environment offer fascinating paths along the paths, provincial streets, as well as on specially designed cycling routes, located in various parts of the island.

Cycling Naxos


Naxos is inevitably offered for family holidays, giving parents and their children the opportunity to do many interesting things. In all the water sports allowed to take part, the small visitors have the opportunity to have fun. They can still ride and enjoy the waterslides near Agios Prokopios. There are playgrounds in Chora, while the 5 × 5 and the basketball courts are ideal for the fun of small visitors.